[Wellbeing & You] Eye Health

July 1, 2021

Healthy eyes and good vision are very important. It is said our eyes are the windows to our soul. Eye or vision problems can affect our daily activities. A healthy balance diet can support good eye health and general health.

Here are some key nutrients to keep your eyes healthy:

  • Sit upright and at least 30 cm between the eyes and your book or smartphone
  • Take a 20-second break after 20 minutes of near-work activities
  • Get regular eye exams
  • Wearing glasses under strong sunlight to protect the eyes from UV damage
  • Good hydration


There are many foods that are beneficial to eye health, but corn has been getting a lot of attention lately, because of its accessibility.

Corn is delicious and very flexible in its cooking methods, but one very popular way is roasting corn. When you are roasting the corn, parboil it with water, then lightly brush with Agave Nectar (which is low glycemic index), and then one layer of low fat milk!

Roast until done, take the corn out and brush on another layer for smell and taste!



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