Stop Food Waste Day 2021

April 7, 2021


There are 10,000 tons of rubbish being send to the landfills in Hong Kong. A third of which are food waste. Food waste is not just the sauces left on the plates after each meal; it also includes all the wastage that occur during production, distribution, and cooking. The world is now under threat from global warming and food shortages, and apart from going green with recycling and going vegetarian, everyone can help to preserve resources from reducing food waste.

Stop Food Waste Day started in 2017 by Compass Group US Limited, committing to reduce food waste using various means and raising public’s awareness about the issue. A key focus is the team’s collaboration with Compass Group’s chef to create special food waste recipes, where the recipe will nearly all the ingredients, even if they are normally deemed difficult to cook.

Stop Food Waste Day hopes that everyone can working together and incorporate reducing food waste actions into their everyday life.