[Healthy Shift] Beverage Switch

October 1, 2021

Although summer holiday ended, the scorching sun remains. Thirst-quenching and refreshing beverages are well known to be perfect summer antidote, whether it’s bottled drinks in the convenience stores or freshly hand-made bubble tea from the tea shop. The health danger of beverage is often overlooked when compared to that of dessert, which is widely perceived as unhealthy “guilty pleasures”. But little do we know, in every sip of beverages, you may already have fell into the trap of hidden and high sugar unknowingly.

The table below show some high sugar traps (left) and healthier replacement (right):

便利店/超市 Convenient stores^

高糖陷阱High Sugar Traps 健康替換 Healthy Shift
糖分Sugar 糖分Sugar
Soft Drinks
35克/ 300毫升
35g/ 330ml
Carbonated water梳打水
Lime flavored Sparkling water 青檸味有汽水
0克糖/ 330毫升
0g Sugar/ 330ml
Vitamin Water
33克/ 500毫升
33g / 500ml
Sugar-free Oolong/Green/Black/Scented/Earl grey/Lemon tea/ Chrysanthemum tea無糖烏龍茶/綠茶/紅茶/香片/伯爵茶/檸檬茶/菊花茶 0克糖/ 250-500毫升
0g Sugar/ 250-500ml
Sports Drinks
33克/ 500毫升
33g / 500ml
Sugar-free Arhat Fruit Drink/ Brewing American Ginseng drink無糖羅漢果茶/花旗蔘 0克糖/ 500毫升
0g Sugar/ 500ml
Sweetened probiotic milk drinks
16.7克/ 100毫升
16.7g/ 100ml

^With reference to beverages from supermarket.


茶餐廳 Restaurants*

高糖陷阱 High Sugar Traps 健康替換 Healthy Shift
凍飲(300毫升) 凍飲少甜 (300毫升) 熱飲(240毫升) 凍飲走甜(300毫升)**
Cold drink
Cold drink less sweet (300ml) Hot drinks
Cold drink no sugar (300ml)**
齋啡 Americano 0g 0g 0g
咖啡 Coffee 20g 14g 5g
鴛鴦 Yin yang 24g 17g 12g
檸檬茶Lemon tea 25g 17.7g 2g
奶茶 Milk tea 22g 14.7g 7g
朱古力Chocolate 14g 14g 14g

*According to the study “Nutrient Contents of Common Non-prepackaged Beverages” by Centre for Food Safety

**With reference to hot drink


Ref: Centre for Food Safety