A Recap of Stop Food Waste Day 2024

May 23, 2024

April 24th, 2024, is the launch of our global campaign, Stop Food Waste Day (SFWD). Started in 2017 by Compass Group USA, this initiative was aimed to raise awareness about the critical issue of food waste and inspire action within our organization and beyond. Today, we take a moment to reflect on the impactful activities that unfolded during this momentous event.

From the outset, our goal was clear: to combat food waste and promote sustainable practices across our operations. Through a series of engaging events and collaborations, we sought to empower individuals and communities to join us in this collective effort.

Unit Promotions:

Across all our units, we witnessed 100% participation in the Stop Food Waste Day campaign. The units actively promoted the campaign through various means, including wearing SFWD aprons, SFWD badges, and information poster display. Also, special posters and waste record boards were created to engage customers and highlight the importance of reducing food waste. SFWD discount offerings were available in multiple units, encouraging customers to make sustainable food choices.

Engagement Activities:

Our engagement activities during SFWD were a resounding success, with remarkable participation from Compass units and the community. The Food Drive campaign, in collaboration with Foodlink, made a significant impact in the fight against food waste.

Our On-site Photo Session initiative created social media awareness, capturing captivating pictures with staff, customers, and clients. Sustainable Cooking Classes at our Eurest units engaged clients in creating mouthwatering “Stop Food Waste” desserts while providing valuable tips on waste reduction.

Lastly, our participation in the Sustainability Event at our client’s office had showcased our commitment to sustainability, serving free samples of Cauliflower Hummus and spreading the message to approx. 230 participants in an afternoon. These activities exemplify our dedication to fighting food waste and building a more sustainable future, making a meaningful impact in our communities.

Staff Engagement Activities:

Our colleague also demonstrated their passion for reducing or upcycling of food waste. The Coffee Ground Body Scrub Workshop allowed colleagues to create their own scrubs using coffee grounds, promoting the creative reuse of food waste. At the Townhall meeting, zero waste snacks, including banana peel biscuits, exemplified our dedication to reducing food waste. The Upcycle Fruit Peels to Pickled Snacks Workshop provided practical solutions for food waste. Additionally, we collaborated with Foodlink for a rice packaging service project, with Compass staff packaging 1000kg of rice to support the community’s needy individuals.

These initiatives and collaborations have made Stop Food Waste Day a resounding success, raising awareness, fostering sustainable practices, and inspiring action on a global scale. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone, unit, and partner who contributed to the success of this campaign.