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01 September 2020
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Any member of the School community can give feedback on the food at School by emailing our onsite manager. Parents are also encouraged to liaise with our Unit manager about any specific medical or allergy needs that their child may have.

Nutritious meals

Every day we strive to create the most tasty and nutritious meals to the students and teachers at our servicing schools. All our school menus are designed by our dietitian team along with our experienced culinary chefs and they strictly follow the Hong Kong Nutritional guidelines by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.

Our Chartwells team is dedicated to provide a safe canteen environment for those with food allergies. All allergen icons are displayed clearly on menu and food tags, and all menus go through a Traffic Light Labelling system by our dietitian team.
If your child requires special attention for the food that they consume, please contact our on-site team and we will accommodate from food preparation, serving to seating arrangement.