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Chartwells is a specialist in catering services ranging from small local companies to large multinational organizations. We offer a wide portfolio of food service solutions as to upgrade the existing services and aim to bring added values in terms of management, product variety, cost efficiency, hygiene standard, nutritional value, presentation a well as customer satisfaction by applying industry best practices throughout the scope of the service.

Chartwells' quality approach in school catering services has earned a strong reputation in the International School community. We listen carefully to the opinions of students, parents and teachers to provide a service, which suits the requirements of our customers and clients.

We also provide professional advices to our clients free of charge during new kitchen construction or redevelopment.


Chartwells also fights against “UNHEALTHY DIET & EARLY-AGED OBESITY” by launching TasteLife Programme, which is initiated by our sector brand in Australia with a team of dietitians and nutritionists. With TasteLife, we educate and encourage students to have the wise choice on BALANCED DIET + EXERCISES which in turns, benefits them for a lifetime.


Every week, we serve over 5 million cups of fresh coffee to our school customers around the world. Being a pioneer in Hong Kong, we roll out our food and drinks concern with freshness and originality, to serve branded premium coffee and fresh products are not kept for more than a few hours and never retain for the next day.


Food safety and hygiene are of paramount importance when providing meals to young children. In order to control the production process, Chartwells employs a professional and experienced Quality Assurance Manager to monitor the safety and hygiene aspects of our food production process. In addition, our qualified dietician also provides guidance on menu planning and production processes to improve the nutritional value of our meals.